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Mowcka is a street artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives between London and Barcelona. She completed his studies at the University of Barcelona, Spain; also study in District University of Bogotá, Colombia and Antonio Berni School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Mowcka's Street Artist, her specialisms are painting in public space, muralism, and paste ups. Her artwork is centrally inspired by connection with nature and exploration of the subconscious and dreams, carving out a unique style and symbology where simplicity, the positive, and colorful prevail.


Her art seeks to connect people with their inner universe, to listen to themselves more, to feel freely and at the same time act according to their desires, with a sensitive, simple and positive touch, loaded with symbolism, seeking to investigate inside to get the best and find what really makes us happy, turn our vision towards other angles, observe nature, breathing it in, filling our life, to be able to continue our paths and be able to encourage others more and more to take the risk of being and doing what we long for.


She constantly moves to various cities to transform urban spaces with her art. She working every day constantly without stopping, putting great dedication and effort in what she love. 


She has held exhibitions and participated in festivals and made workshops in various cities in Spain, UK, France, USA, Argentina, Japan.


Last Exhibitions

2024, SOLO show, Moth Belly gallery, San francisco, CA, USA

2023, SOLO Show, Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

​2023, Gend-ity, Art house Project, Cessam gallery, London, Uk

2023, Wom collective, Mural Art exibition, London, UK

2022, PAAM project, Raima BCN, Barcelona, Spain

2021, Open day, La Plataforma, Barcelona, Spain

2020, Solo Show Brick Lane, London, UK

2020, Tigre abierto, Casa de la cultura Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019, Pop Up show, Barcelona, Spain

2019, Taller oberts,Born, Barcelona, Spain

2019, Sold Out show, Barcelona, Spain

2019, Wom Collective, London, Spain 

2019, Not my planet, Art House Project, London, UK

2019, Solo show, ARTLAB, New York, EEUU

2019, The living gallery outpost, New York, EEUU

2018, Le Lavo-Matik, Paris, France

2018, Street art Fest, Rise gallery, Croydon, UK

2018, Number 90, London, UK

2018, Taller oberts, Museo del DIseño, Barcelona, Spain

2018, Fem Art, Barcelona, Spain

2018, HS-LAB, Hiroshima, Japon

2018, Mostra Sonora i Visual, CC Convent Sant Agustin, Barcelona, Spain

Festivals and Art Inteventions 

2023, VOLVO Cars, Painting 3 cars for presentation of new car, In Hotel Melia Barcelona, Spain.

2023, Colors Festival, London, UK

2023, TAA, London, UK

2023, SAATCHI Gallery, London, UK

2023, Documentary “ Los muros hablan” Street art film of CARLOS SAURA.

2022, Museo PICASSO, Barcelona, Spain

2022, Mena Puglia, Carrefour, Madrid, Spain.

2022, CALLE Festival, Madrid, spain.

2022, CESIDA, Internacional Day of SIDA, Madrid, Spain

2022, Journe internationale, Hand on urban art,Montpellier, France

2022, Journe internationale, Hand on urban art,Montpellier, France

2021, Pinta Malasaña,Madrid, Spain

2021, Arte joven Mahou, Madrid, Spain (first Prize)

2021, Open day, La Plataforma, Barcelona, Spain 

2021, Las pibas producen, Barcelona, Spain

2021, Artistas trabajando, Fundacion Osde, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019, Columing, Impact Hub, Madrid, Spain (award)

2019, Street art Cheltenham, Cheltenham UK

2019, Art on Terry, Patchogue council, New York, EEUU

2018, Street art Fest, Rise gallery, Croydon, UK

2018, Gloval street art, London, UK

2018, Art on Terry, Patchogue counsil, New York, EEUU

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